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While privileged politicians fought over the leadership train set during the summer of 2019, this work for the Sunday Times Magazine revealed the plight of hundreds of children too poor to play at all. The three month 'Summer on the Farm' project moved me to tears many times. How can such poverty exist in a nation so wealthy? What does our treatment of such communities tell us about the values of Brexit Britain? And how can the lives of children residing on such estates so close to central London stay hidden from a wider public?

Within days, a crowdfund to organise a programme of summer activities exceeded its £100k target and neared £275,000 in just over a week. This immense generosity helped to decide the children's fate for a season - but how their lives are shaped long-term continues to pose a much bigger question for us all.





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Sharon Hendry walked into our world and shifted the tectonic plates. For the past three months we’ve experienced a journalist as a human being - sensitive and sensible. Striking the balance between news and gossip is a tight rope, practically and psychologically. Sharon belongs in the circus.

Ray Lewis - Founder & Chief Executive of Eastside Young Leaders Academy